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Youth hubs and clubs

There is a youth hub or club in each of Wirral’s four districts.

A hub is a youth club with modern facilities and is open five nights a week – including Fridays and Saturdays. The hubs run in conjunction with a number of youth clubs across Wirral to offer a range of fun activities for 13 to 19 year-olds.

In all of our youth hubs and clubs, you can do the following:

  • chill out with friends old and new
  • chat at the coffee bar
  • talk to friendly youth workers who can help you any issues you may have
  • play pool
  • get involved with exciting projects
  • have the chance to go on day trips
  • get creative with arts & crafts, or even performing arts
  • play video games
  • take part in Duke of Edinburgh
  • play sport such as football, basketball, netball and table tennis
  • find out about big nights and gigs
  • attend for 50p or less a night!

Each of our Hubs and Clubs are run by qualified youth workers, who understand the needs of teenagers and work with them to make sure they're offering a range of activities young people want, and who are passionate about the safety and enjoyment of young people attending.

Find your nearest youth hub or club: