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Playschemes for younger children

The Play Service

The Play Service delivers a modern range of services to meet aspirations and needs of local children aged 6 –14 years. It provides opportunities to explore challenging activities within acceptable levels of risk.

The Play Service pro-actively responds to children's needs and fosters the child's:

  • social and emotional well-being
  • healthy growth and development
  • knowledge and understanding
  • creativity
  • capability to learn in a safe and informal play environment

The Play Service delivers three year-round open access play settings:

  • Beechwood
  • Gautby Road
  • Leasowe Adventure Playground

In conjunction with Wirral Play Council, the service also supports a comprehensive summer programme consisting of temporary summer holiday playschemes and a specialist scheme for children with disabilities.

Find out more at the Wirral Play Council Website

Or telephone 0151 650 0030.

In each open access play centre, children can engage in freely chosen play opportunities, helping them to develop a sense of ownership whilst respecting the rights of others who use the same play space.


Playworkers endeavor to support rather than direct the children, facilitating a play environment based on their wants and developmental needs to stimulate their creativity while maximising their potential. Children also have the opportunity to take risks using the 'safety net' of play workers who support tolerance, openness and possibility.

Providing a safe environment

Most activities are free of charge and parents of children who wish to attend a playscheme are required to complete a confidential registration form which provides the individual details needed to support your child whilst attending the play scheme. All staff are suitably qualified and have an enhanced CRB clearance.

All play settings are registered and inspected by OFSTED.

We have a duty to promote the welfare of children and to safeguard them from harm. If, for any reason we feel concerned for the wellbeing of a child than we must bring it to the attention of those who can help.

For more information on opening times, activities etc. or if you require any further information you can contact the individual schemes:

Beechwood: 0151 679 3939

Gautby Road: 0151 652 5645

Leasowe Adventure Playground: 0151 639 3060

You can also contact Paddy Mulligan – Team Leader: 0151 678 3939

For general information regarding the Wirral Play Service please contact:

Youth Support Service HQ,
Pilgrim Street Arts Centre,
1 Pilgrim Street,
CH41 5EH.

T: 0151 666 3960 E:

The Civic Award for young people

The Civic Award for young people is open to all children between the ages of 8 and 12, although exceptions can be made. The youngest recipient is just four years old and teenagers can also be considered.

The Award aims to promote:

  • good citizenship through a greater awareness of Wirral
  • self-reliance
  • service to others
  • personal achievement in physical activities
  • wise use of leisure time

The Wirral Civic Award Scheme is not concerned with the achievements of specific standards, but with making the most of each child’s individual abilities. Completion of each level of the scheme is rewarded by a badge and certificate, presented at an official ceremony hosted by the Mayor of Wirral.

To find out more about the Wirral Civic Awards Scheme, call 0151 666 3960 or email