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Wirral UKYP elections 2019 - vote now!

The Ballot is now open to elect MYPs (Members of Youth Parliament) to represent Wirral in the 2019 United Kingdom Youth Parliament.

Vote by downloading the ballot paper and marking your first and second choice. Hand it in at school, or drop off at Pilgrim Street Arts Centre in Birkenhead by hand or post. 

A full manifesto statement of each candidate which provides more information about each candidate can also be found below:

You must be under 19 years of age to vote, and you must live in Wirral.

The Ballot will close on 25 March at 12pm.

More about Youth Parliament

Youth Parliament provides opportunities for young people to develop debating skills. It also enables young people to understand evidence-based opinions, contribute to a debate, and understand the democratic process. You can find out more information on the UK Youth Parliament website.