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Manifesto: Eleanor Belton

"I believe that I would be an ideal MYP as I am passionate about the issues regarding the youth of Wirral. I have faced adversity within my personal life; having two siblings with downs syndrome, I am a young carer. During my GCSE’s I had to manage the care of my younger sister who has complex medical needs; whilst my brother was critically ill in Alder Hey Hospital. Additionally I have lived in a household where one or both parents have been unemployed at times and I have received pupil premium. These experiences enable me to understand some of the challenges faced by the young people of our borough.

Moreover, I have attended a Mental Health First Aid course because I appreciate that this is a growing issues amongst my peers. I am passionate about politics and have demonstrated this through attending Wirral youth parliament, where I spoke about growing issues of homelessness and poverty. As a result of my speech, I was praised by deputy leader Councillor George Davies. I am also an ambassador of the Holocaust Education Trust. This experience has given me a mature outlook on society and taught me the importance of empathy, dignity, value of diversity and the importance of justice for all members of society.

I have represented my school in the Bar Mock Trial competition, which exemplifies my skills in confidence and public speaking and my interest in law displaying my passion for justice. Whilst I have a personal interest in politics, I understand that many young people are disengaged from our council services. If I was successful I would seek to involve the young people of our borough. I would employ social media as a gateway to understanding the views and needs of the youth. I would also look to attend schools, youth facilities including The Hive and groups including scouts/guides, cadet forces, to explain my role and hpw their role in our community is valued highly by our council.

I am fortunate to be friends with the current Wirral MYP and through this I became aware of the opportunity of the role. Without this, I would not have been as aware of the opportunity of the role of MYP. This is the area I seek to change; I feel there needs to be more involvement between the borough and the youth of Wirral. The lack of involvement has a detrimental impact from both sides because the council do not know what the youth truly want or need, which will cause negative impacts if budget is being spent on services which are not utilised fully; in the same way the youth of Wirral will feel their voice is not being heard properly. In my opinion communication is the key to success. This is why I think that if we change the lack of communication between the council and the youth the society we live in will be happier as every party will feel their voice is being heard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this."