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Manifesto: Felicity Whelligan-Woodworth

"I believe I would make an excellent candidate for MYP. I truly care about people and my local community. I have always been involved in supporting local community events, fundraising and environmental action days. Just last year I raised £528.50 for Charles Thompson’s Mission after really recognising the growing population and to support the great work they do at the mission. My mum works for a local charity and this has further encouraged me to apply as I see how my local knowledge and experience would help me in this role. I feel as a Wirral youth parliament member I will be able to help and encourage positive change on a larger scale.

I am a organised person and am always seeking to take on new experiences an challenges. I was recently selected to take part in a student leadership program. With this I had to plan a lesson and deliver this year 7 pupils. For this I has to be organised, meet deadlines and be confident.

I respect everyone’s opinions and try to keep an open mind about them even if personally I don’t agree. I do of course have defines beliefs of my own. I invite healthy and respectful discussion around these, as this is how positive growth and change can be achieved collectively.   I will take my responsibilities as a youth MP very seriously and it first if needed. I try hard to keep up and show passion in local, national and global news. I will talk about new topics with friends and family to gain more knowledge, understanding and opinions on what in what is going on in our world. I have been a school council member twice now in high school and enjoy finding out about what changes people want and to talk to teachers about how to make those changes if possible. I would try to ensure all young people irrespective of age, ability and background have a voice and this will require a variety of approaches to allow them to share their ideas with people around them. If I became a Wirral youth parliament member it would give me chance to meet and share interests with more people and understand more about the things that happen around us every day. I would like for there to be more places for young people to go on the Wirral to meet new people, more places like The Hive in Birkenhead that gives young people opportunities that a lot of them wouldn’t usually get. Having more places like The Hive will give young people the chance to meet and talk to each other and also give them a greater understanding of the world around them. I believe that everyone deserves a voice. Many people don’t listen to young people or don’t believe that they are old enough to have valid opinions on certain topics. I want to change that stereotype and a MYP I feel that will be the best way to do so."