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Manifesto: Emily Fletcher

"In an ideal world I would begin by saying that as MYP for the Wirral, I would tackle issues of paramount importance, poverty, drug misuse and global warming to mention a few. Regrettably I must acknowledge the fact that this would be an impossible task. Yet, although I realise significant change is difficult to achieve, I am firmly of the belief that we, as the youth of the Wirral, must take action in whatever way we deem possible in a common hope of bettering our community. In the words of Mother Theresa “we feel ourselves that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less without that missing drop”.

The environment should be prioritised as one of the most pressing issues of the young people on the Wirral. This clearly is not an issues unique to the Wirral, but it is our duty to take action on behalf of future generations and those currently suffering the consequences of this crisis. This is a daunting mission, but this does not mean it should be dismissed. I would encourage actions that may seem trivial, such as, litter picking or beach clears, as well as larger projects with the aim of eradicating single use plastics in the school environment.

We live in an age of excess and over-consumption and yet poverty is rife on the Wirral and food banks are an essential for many. This issue should not be neglected. Perhaps a project could be organised with local supermarkets, in which a sticker could be designated and used to make shoppers aware of products suitable for food banks. If they decided to purchase these products, they would simply place them at a collection point in leaving the store and the products could then be donated to food banks.

I would also aim to encourage young people to make informed decisions about the ways in which they spend their money, in a protest against those industries who unjustly evade tax. This academic year, I can proudly say I have grown dramatically in confidence, through engaging in a number of extra-curricular activities involving public speaking, which I used to fear, including Wirral youth parliament and Historical Association Great Debate. At the same time, I have been fully immersed in my studies. I would effectively apply my newfound confidence, drive and determination to the role. I would be honoured to embrace the task of working with the youth of Wirral to improve our community as I believe it is entirely unjust to dismiss the voices of young people. One of my favourite writers and inspirations Virginia Woolf, whom I believe to be a strong feminist and instigator of social change wrote, “lock up your libraries if you like: but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt you can set upon the freedom of my mind”.

The ideas of young people should not be neglected. We must work together as the future generation and demand action on those elements of our society we believe to be unjust."