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Manifesto: Harvey Turner

"I think I would make a good MYP because I can efficiently convey and back up my opinions, and those of the constituents, through verbal and written communication. Also, I believe it is important to not only be able to put forward your own arguments, but to be able to listen and allow others to express their own – no matter how objectionable. To best represent the constituents, I would also have to effectively connect with them, too, so I can best express their thoughts to the Youth Parliament, which I am capable of. At the moment, it is my opinion that these policies would best represent their interests:

  • Education Reform

The education system is failing our youth. This is simply because of the educational stagnation that has taken place over the last 200 years, and, as an MYP, I would endeavour to bring around modernisation and reform to the system, bringing it up to speed with the ever-growing and changing demands of the industries of the country. For example, I would support adopting a much more applied approach to learning where schools teach, support and test students on a practical level instead of the impractical theory currently producing a braindead workforce.

  • Mental Health

The mental health of our young citizens is of growing concern for me. In England, 1/8 of 5 – 19 year-olds have one or more mental health disorders, which is too high. Personally, I believe this is due to the mounting pressures on children to achieve the standards and approval of society through the failing exam-based education system and exposure to unrealistic role models online and in the media.

  • Voting Rights

If elected, I intend to devote lots of my time to decreasing the voting age to 16, which is an important issue after the recent betrayal of our youth in the Brexit Referendum of 2016 where the new members of the electorate are not satisfied with the result as they were not consulted at the time. It is with this reasoning that I would also campaign for people, who do actually have the right to vote, to use it. This way, we can have a real and properly functioning democracy and representation of the people’s will."