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Watch: NCS video on mental health support

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Wirral’s National Citizen Service (NCS) has created a video to promote awareness of mental health issues, featuring Liverpool FC legend John Barnes and Jodie Taylor from the England Womens’ football team.

Check out the video to get advice from John and Jodie on looking after your mental health, plus find out about the counselling and support services available near you.

The video was created as part of the NCS social action project for 2018. The group chose to focus on mental health for their project, which included workshops, meeting with the Mayor, and creating posters and leaflets. The group felt it was important to promote awareness of mental health in the private sector, so they also met with the Wirral Chamber of Commerce to discuss the issues.

The National Citizen Service is a four-phase programme for young people aged 15-17, designed to provide them with new experiences, help them discover who they are, and give them opportunities to achieve.