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Tuesday 6th - BE KIND

This week it's Children’s Mental Health Week, we think it's important to encouraged others to spread a little kindness.

You Matter!

  • If you look after yourself, you can look after others better too
  • Find something you enjoy doing and keep doing it
  • Always treat yourself like you would treat your close friends 
  • Try to appreciate smaller things in life

Don't be Afraid to Speak up if You Need Help!

  • Always try to have conversations with people to let them know your feelings so they can support you
  • Always try to help others who are afraid to speak out (this can help others feel much better)
  • Don't be afraid of what others think ( this can stop you doing stuff)

There is Always Light at the End of the Tunnel!

  • Life can be difficult at times but it gets better in a matter of time. You won’t always feel like this - life may never be perfect but things will definitely get better (even if you think it can't be solved).
  • Make sure that before things become overwhelming you talk to someone. Because a problem shared can be easier to get through.



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