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Have you lost someone you love?

Child Bereavement Charity

If someone important to you has died or you’ve found out they are seriously ill, you’re not alone and help and support is available.

Grief may not feel normal, but it is. Everyone will grieve in their own way. You may experience all sorts of feelings or you may feel nothing. You may find it easy to talk or you might bottle all of your emotions up.

The charity Child Bereavement UK provides confidential guidance and information to children and teenagers. They can help you if you’ve lost a parent, sibling, friend or family member, and they understand that everyone grieves differently.

If you want to talk, call the team on 0800 02 888 40, and they will put you through to a local support worker.

Visit the Child Bereavement site

Visit the Child Bereavement section for young people

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