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This Girl Can posters

By guest writer Gabby Breen, This Girl Can ambassador

Our ‘This Girl Can’ campaign had a boost with the release of new posters involving some of our ambassadors as the models! The posters are designed to get teenage girls more active, and to have fun with friends while doing it. You can see one of our posters below.

The posters featuring Wirral teenagers were launched at a roller disco we organised recently. Our aim was to get teenagers aged 13-17 to do an exciting and fun sport, while getting active at the same time.

Myself and the other ambassadors attended the roller disco at the Hive Youth Zone, and brought friends along to try and inspire and encourage more girls to join our team. Some professional skaters from the Wirral Roller Derby Term were stood by to show off their skills, and also to help those of us who needed assistance to stay standing.

About This Girl Can

This Girl Can is a national campaign set up by Sport England, which celebrates women of all ages and abilities getting active and doing more sport. Wirral’s version of the campaign is aimed at girls aged 13-17, because research had shown teenage girls weren’t getting the amount of exercise they should each week.

We’re looking for more girls in the Wirral area aged 13-17 to join our squad, and become official ambassadors for the next stages of the campaign. Follow our Instagram @thisgirlcaninwirral for the latest updates and activities organised!