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Free training for under 25s

Are you aged under 25 and looking for training opportunities?

If so, there is a training package to support you into employment or to gain more qualifications.

The programme, ‘Pathway To Personal Empowerment' will help you to learn how to develop, motivate, and improve yourself. The course is free, and only requires your commitment!

The course runs for eight weeks, with two full day training sessions, from 9:30am until 3:30am. Upon completing the training, you will be helped to progress into empowerment for education. The programme has fully qualified trainers who run interactive sessions suitable for people with low literacy and numeracy levels. It boasts guaranteed outcomes and progression opportunities and you will receive advice and guidance throughout the programme.

Training runs for the next 12 months, and learners need to be enrolled the first week of every month to start training for that two month course. The training will take place in Birkenhead based locations, and will be easily accessed from public transport.

If you would like more information or are interested in enrolling, contact Barbara Travis on 07817386182 or 0151 236 1748.

By Gabby Breen