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New Brighton

So what's going on at New Brighton?

Well... since it underwent a £60 million redevelopment scheme, there’s a load of stuff to do there!

You can go bowling or play Laser Quest at Riverside Bowling

Or watch a film at the Light Cinema - relax in comfy seats and watch in 3D! And while you're at the new Marine Point complex, there are restaurants, coffee shops and even an ice cream parlour.

You could visit the New Palace Amusement Arcade - which includes a small fairground.

Or maybe watch a show at the Floral Pavilion - music, theatre and more!

And there's Championship Miniature Golf at Kings Parade, just a short walk from Marine Point.

Along the coast, there is Fort Perch Rock, which is a coast battery defence, open throughout the year. It features an ‘Aviation and Archaeology Museum,’ as well as the 'Luftwaffe over Merseyside' permanent exhibition.

The lovely Vale Park is further along the promenade.

Not got much money? suggests over 20 fun things to do in New Brighton that are FREE. No-one is ever too old to do some of this stuff!

  1. Go for a walk on the beach
  2. Go paddling on the shore edge
  3. Build sandcastles
  4. Explore the rock pools
  5. Go pond dipping
  6. Get your camera out and take photos
  7. Go crabbing
  8. Walk along the river promenade
  9. Take a walk around the gardens at Vale Park
  10. Listen to the bands at the Vale Park bandstand from 2.30 - 4.30 on a Sunday afternoon
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Ride your bike along the promenade
  13. Visit the New Brighton Heritage Centre
  14. Sail a model boat on the model boating lake
  15. Play tennis
  16. Play games on the beach
  17. Make pictures out of driftwood
  18. Lie down and see what shapes the clouds are making
  19. Watch the different boats coming in and out of the River Mersey
  20. Visit the Black Pearl
  21. Collect some shells
  22. Play on the dips