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What is the Kontactabus?

The Kontactabus takes youth services to young people in their own environment. There are four Kontactabuses in Wirral.

Where can I find them?

The buses are often seen in parks and open spaces, and areas where young people often gather.  Some of the locations we visit on a regular basis are New Ferry Park, Birkenhead Park, Central Park and Fishers Lane Playing fields in Pensby.

What’s on the bus?

The design on the bus is pretty unique – it’s got access to two drop-down TV screens, a DVD / CD player, kitchen area, and sockets to plug in laptops and other electrical equipment. There are two long bench seats either side of the bus to give young people a safe space to sit, chat, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

What can I do on the bus?

The bus is equipped with lots of different fun resources, including art and craft materials, games, quizzes and sports equipment. There are also opportunities to participate in a range of youth projects, such as the G.I.R.L.S Project, L.A.D.S Project and D of E.

The bus also displays information leaflets and posters about the issues affecting the lives of young people. Youth workers who work on the Kontactabus are always willing to listen and offer support to any young person who comes onto the bus and asks for help and advice. If they don’t know the answer they will always know someone who does and can signpost to the right person or agency.

If you see the Kontactabus in your area, come and say hello!

Want to know when the Kontactabus will be near you? Email the team!

Contact information

Birkenhead Youth Outreach Team
Mike Holbrook

South Wirral Outreach Team
Liz Hawkins

West Wirral Youth Outreach Team
Gary Atkinson

Wallasey Youth Outreach Team
Katrina Maxwell