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Cool Wirral

Cool Wirral is a local campaign to encourage action on climate change, in order to:

  • cut the pollution that causes unnatural climate change
  • make sure we are prepared for unavoidable changes in our weather patterns

The campaign promotes ways to:

  • save energy
  • get more of our energy from clean renewable sources
  • reduce pollution from travel choices and other decisions
  • get better prepared for extreme weather

It takes its name from the local climate change strategy called Cool.

To stay in touch with the Cool Wirral campaign you can:

  • follow @CoolWirral on Twitter
  • connect with others via the Cool Wirral group on Project Dirt

About climate change:

Climate is how we describe average weather conditions over time. Weather can change minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour at any given place. Climate on the other hand, is how we describe the general patterns of weather in a particular part of the globe – typical temperatures, average rainfall and so on - over the long term.

Climate is important. The climate of a place determines the patterns of land use, what can be grown to eat and the way people live. If the climate changes significantly, all this can change too making some places uninhabitable.

Climate is not fixed and does change naturally over thousands of years. However, the changes being recorded today are not natural. Unnatural warming is linked to ‘greenhouse’ pollution.

Our atmosphere helps keep the planet warm. However pollution from burning coal, oil and gas for heat, power and transport is changing the balance of gases in the atmosphere trapping more heat. The resultant ‘global warming’ is disrupting climate patterns across the planet.

Climate change is already happening. It’s getting warmer. It has been getting wetter. Sea levels are rising. To prevent things getting a lot worse we need to cut climate-related pollution substantially. Some change is unavoidable due to pollution already produced, so we also need to adapt to the changes expected. There are many things that people can and are doing in the face of climate change. Cool Wirral is part of our local response. Please get involved.