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Choosing a career

Career choice is all about you, and no-one can make the decision for you.

Think about how you might answer the following questions:

  • where do I want to get to in life?
  • what kind of lifestyle do I want?
  • how important is job satisfaction to me?
  • what do I like/dislike doing?
  • what interests me? (You may have hobbies you could turn into a career.)
  • what am I good at?
  • what could I be good at if I tried it or worked harder?

These last two may be really difficult to answer. Think about the things you do in everyday life, and speak to family, friends and teachers.

Knowing what's available

There are thousands of different careers out there, but you may only have heard of a few.

Often people have difficulty choosing a career because they haven't even heard of the ones that would be an ideal match for them. You can find out about them by doing some career research.

Visit, which is a good source for local career information. If you are currently not in education, employment or training then contact an advisor at Career Connect. 0800 100 900.

Find out more about careers you have heard of and it will lead you to ones you haven't heard of or thought of.

Teachers, friends, family and television may be able to give you ideas but make sure whatever information you get is realistic and accurate.


Are you prepared to travel, or move away from Wirral? If not, you may need to narrow your career options based on what is available locally. Career Connect will have more information for you on the local labour market.

Narrowing down the options

It is extremely difficult to work out if a career is right for you without trying it out. You can arrange work experience, or volunteering, to help with this.

If you have a few ideas you may not need to choose between them yet. Try to keep all of your options open.

Who can help?

  • Career Connect
  • teachers can help you work out what your strengths and weaknesses are
  • friends and relations may know about careers you don't know about, and they might be able to help you work out what you want out of life

What if you get it wrong?

If you do enough research and think hard enough about your wishes, ideas and options this may be unlikely to happen. However it is extremely common for people to change career more than once in their working life.

People change as they grow, and they often find that different things matter to them as they get older. So, the career choices you make now don’t need to be the decisions you make for life. If you research enough you will work it out!