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Choices at 18

At 18, it is likely that you are considering one of a number of options:

  • Higher Education (HE)
  • employment
  • self-employment
  • volunteering

Why choose Higher Education?

Higher Education will:

  • help you develop personal skills
  • give you a wider understanding of the world
  • develop your career-related skills
  • be the only entry route to many careers
  • be the most common entry route to many other careers
  • be an enjoyable experience for most students

Why choose employment?

  • you will not have to take out a student loan or pay tuition fees
  • you get onto the career ladder earlier than those that go into HE
  • you could still do a part-time degree

For a look at local employment opportunities go to the Vacancy Database at Career Connect.

If you’re looking for help and advice to plan your future, the National Careers Service can help you. They have friendly advisers who can provide information on learning, work, apprenticeships and choosing the right university. Find out more here on Teenwirral.

You can also do the following:

  • speak to your teacher, tutor or careers advisor in school/college
  • look at the Wirral portal on the Mersey Interactive website, your single access point that brings together all of the careers information advice and guidance for your area

More information:



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