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Autin Dance Theatre review

Engaging, intriguing and eye-opening are just three of the words given to describe Autin Dance theatre’s production around sex education that was available for young people from Wirral to watch on 21st September 2016.

Autin Dance theatre are a company founded three years ago who originate from Birmingham. They hold workshops with young people who help them to create an informative production which educates the audience and have been described to be essential for their learning.

The company have always wanted to work on a piece about sex education because of personal experiences and experiences that the actors  have witnessed and therefore they started working on the production at the end of May 2016.

Johnny, the founder, said:"young people are the target audience for these productions as well as the inspiration""Therefore it is necessary for the company to consult with young people to receive feedback and modify the productions."

As this was the first production based on a specific topic, it was important for the company to ensure that the production was covering the right issues and that young people enjoyed it.

After watching the production, feedback was given to the actors that was completely positive. Members of the audience stated that they “related with the performance” and it made them realise that “they are not alone” and there is “always someone out there that feels the same.” Furthermore, young people felt like that the interaction with the audience made the young people more engaged because they weren’t sat still for the entire performance and it made it a more relaxed environment also.

Johnny has future ambitions of the production being performed in youth centres all around the country and he said that he would like to cover topics such as mental health and feminism in the future in order to ensure future generations are educated about the topics that aren’t necessarily taught in schools.

By Alex Tolond,
November 2016.