Travel Solutions

Do you travel to or from the East Wirral Area? Are you 16 years or over and starting a new job or work based training? Then read on and see how the Wirral Travel Solutions Team may be able to help you!

Transport can be a major barrier when starting work and the Travel Solutions programme aims to help by providing easier and affordable travel to work. Wirral Travel Solutions Team provide advice and information on travel from and within the East Wirral area, to help people who are entering employment.

East Wirral includes Wallasey, Liscard, Seacombe, Rock Ferry, New Ferry, Birkenhead, Oxton, Tranmere, Bebington and Port Sunlight.

The solutions on offer are:

Each solution can help in different ways and each has its own criteria.

If you are starting employment, get in touch with the Wirral Travel Solutions team to find out how they can help you. They can be contacted by email or by telephone on (0151) 606 2049.

Personalised Journey Planning

Journey planning provides individuals with a detailed plan of their journey from home to work.

This plan will break the journey into steps with pictures and maps to help the individual complete their journey.

This helps people by giving them all the knowledge and information they need to complete the journey using public transport.

This FREE solution is open to anybody aged 16 or over starting employment.

Help with travel costs

When starting a new job the cost of public transport can be high especially when you have to wait until pay day.

Wirral’s Travel Solutions scheme could offer up to a month’s FREE travel to work using public transport.

This solution is only available for individuals aged 16 or over with a job offer of more than 16 hours per week and for 12 weeks or more.

Bike to work scheme

Some journeys are easier and quicker when done on a bike. Cycling short distances is quick and can keep you healthy, plus it’s FREE.

Individuals aged 16 or over starting a new job with an offer of more than 16 hours a week, for 12 weeks or more will be offered a FREE bike. All safety equipment will be provided and training will be provided if needed. We will also be able to give you advice on the best route to take.

Travel Training

This FREE solution is for people who need extra help and support to use public transport independently. Travel Training is one on one travel support, teaching the skills, knowledge and confidence that are needed to travel independently. Travel Training is available for anybody aged 16 or over starting new employment, or needing the confidence to travel to interviews and training, and will teach the skills or knowledge required to plan and carry out a journey.

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