Staying Safe

Social networking sites

CEOP Report AbuseYou may have your own Facebook profile or Bebo account that lets you chat with friends or communicate with other users who share your interests. These 'social networks' let you create your own blog, upload photos and videos for others to see and add people to an online friends list.

Social networks are a great way of keeping in touch but you should think carefully before adding someone to your list of online friends or posting a blog entry that could get you into trouble at school, college or work.


  • your page can be a public place, so putting anything on your page that you wouldn't want your parents, teacher or boss to see is not a good idea. Make sure you use the privacy settings wisely.
  • you can never be sure that other users are being truthful about their online identities, so be careful about what information you give out
  • to think about whether you know someone well enough before accepting someone into your group of linked friends
  • to make sure you know who to contact to report abuse or bullying on your page and how your complaint will be dealt with

If you are looking for more information about staying in control of your page and how to get the most out of social networking sites, the ThinkuKnow website has all the advice you need.

You can also find out about staying safe when using interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and mobiles at Chat Danger and Kidsmart.

If you're concerned about something that may have happened online, talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent, teacher or youth worker, or visit the CEOP advice and help centre.

Check out these posters for how to be SMART on the internet and Keep in control.

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