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Anti-bullying Peer Mentoring

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BullyBusters has developed a Peer Mentor training plan, with the aim of enabling young people and children to recognise and appropriately act upon issues of bullying within their peer group.

The training includes:

  • A comprehensive training plan for the peer mentors
  • Assistance in establishing Peer Mentors in schools
  • Empowering pupils to make positive changes in their communities
  • Certificates of achievement awarded to participating pupils
  • On going support provided by specially trained staff in anti bullying for pupils and staff
  • Mediation for victims of on-going or hard to resolve bullying

This Programme will be completed over a number of sessions depending on the size of the school and numbers participating.

Someone from Bullybusters will then visit your school on a regular basis providing support as needed.

All pupils will be given the BullyBusters confidential helpline number - 0800 1696928.

Pupils can call the helpline between the hours of 9.00am – 7.00pm Monday – Friday, and will be offered support and advice to solve any issues to do with bullying.

Any problems with long term bullying that are proving difficult to resolve can be referred to BullyBusters who can help with mediation.

For further information about anti-bullying peer mentor training, please contact Kayte Eaton, Project Coordinator, on (0151) 330 2021 or

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