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'If you loved me you would'

The latest new production for young people brought to you by Last Minute Theatre Company (part of Wirral Youth theatre) is called 'If you loved me you would'.

The play follows the moving story of Lisa and Chris, and their group of friends. As the tale unfolds, the play will explore the issue of what is healthy and unhealthy in a relationship.

'If you loved me you would....'

'My friends said possessive, I said he's caring.
They said controlling, I said looking after me.
They said paranoid, I said insecure
They said abuse, I said love.'

The piece is being created in line with the Government's 'Expect Respect' initiative, and the 'Spiralling' DVD resource by Bristol Domestic Abuse Forum (provided by NHS Wirral Relationships & Sex Education Lead for secondary school PSHE programmes), who aim to challenge attitudes of teenagers to abuse and violence in relationships.

The production is suitable for young people aged 13+ and key stages 3 and 4, is approximatley one hour and will be performed at Pilgrim Street Arts Centre, Birkenhead with FREE performances for schools and youth units on the following dates and times:

  • Tuesday 15th May 10.00am
  • Tuesday 15th May 1.30pm
  • Wednesday 16th May 10.00am
  • Wednesday 16th May 1.30pm
  • Wednesday 16th May 7.30pm
  • Thursday 17th May 7.30pm

There will be free follow up workshops to explore the issues in the play. These will be delivered mid May until the end of June, and can be booked by interested schools and youth units, please phone to discuss.

If you would like to see the production, why not speak to your teacher or youth worker? They would need to either call 0151 647 3160, or email shiraleacoldicott@wirral.gov.uk to book places (the venue has 100 audience capacity).

This production is EIG funded.

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