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Info for parents.......

...and grandparents, carers, guardians, youth workers and any other adult who takes care of young people.

Teenwirral aims to provide Wirral's 13 to 19 year olds with a variety of information which they may want or need to know about. This includes a range of topics which may be relevant to this age group, such as what to do about bullying, how to access sexual health services and facts about drugs & alcohol.

The site is run by Wirral Council, and has involved contributions from key partners, including the NHS, Wirral DAAT, Connexions, Police, Fire & Rescue Service and voluntary organisations. Young people on Wirral have helped decide the look and feel of the site, and processes are in place to allow them to continue to be involved in its ongoing development and future directions.

Teenwirral also provides a searchable database of positive activities for young people across Wirral in the 'What's On' section and aims to make it easy to find out about things to do. This includes activities provided by youth clubs, outreach teams, sport co-ordinators and leisure centres, cultural activities such as drama and dance, and other leisure opportunities such as music events. Teenwirral includes activities and venues provided by Wirral Council and other public sector organisations, the voluntary sector and commercial companies.

It's really important for your child to experience positive activities in their free time. By taking part in positive activities, young people can develop their social and communication skills, and gain confidence and self esteem. Young people who are engaged in positive activities throughout their teenage years are less likely to become involved in anti social or criminal behaviour.

All activity providers listed on Teenwirral have agreed to answer certain questions we have asked about their organisations and the services they provide. On this website, we will provide the information they have provided, but - because we are reliant on those providers updating us - we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of it. However we will make every effort to ensure that activity providers are aware how important is is to keep us updated. We can confirm however that the information provided about policy and procedure for activities run by Wirral Council is accurate - for ease of identification, these activities will carry the Wirral Council logo.

As parents and carers, you are responsible for ensuring that your children are safe at all times, and accept full responsibility for your children's safety and quality of experience when acting on any information contained within this site.

We recommend that you check that you are happy with the activity and provider before your child attends.

A good organisation will welcome questions about their activities and the safety of their environment. We have provided the advice below to help you decide whether activities found through Teenwirral are suitable for your child.

What should you check out?

Depending on the type of activity, here are some questions you might want to ask.

  • Is the activity suitable for my child's personality/experience/disability/age?
  • What sort of equipment is required and is it needed straightaway or can it be loaned at first?
  • Is the club/organisation affiliated to a national body (e.g. Scout Association, Sport England)? If they are, this usually means that they will have to work to child protection and quality standards.
  • If the organisation isn't part of a national body, do they have a child protection policy and are their staff or volunteers CRB checked?
  • How much does it cost and are there any extras to pay for in the future (e.g. insurance, equipment, exam fees)?
  • If the organisation allows children to access the internet, what guidelines or filtering software do they have in place for safe surfing?
  • Can a child under 16 attend the activity/club on their own or do they have to be accompanied by an adult?
  • Some organisations will offer reduced fees for families on benefits, so you might want to ask about this too.

What should you be wary of?

  • Behaviour or activities that encourage rough play, sexual innuendo or humiliating punishments.
  • Individuals who take charge and operate independently of organisational guidelines.
  • Individuals who show favouritism or personally reward specific children.
  • Encouragement of inappropriate physical contact.
  • Poor communication and lack of parental involvement, leaving you feeling uneasy.
  • Children who drop out or stop going for no apparent reason.
  • Invitations for children to spend time alone with staff or volunteers (or even to visit their home).
  • Activities where parents are discouraged from staying to watch or become involved.

These are just some of the things which you may want to check out or which may give you cause for concern, but this isn't an exhaustive list. Listen to your children and ask questions about the activities they take part in.

How should you share any concerns?

You may feel reluctant to voice your concerns in case you are wrong or worried about the impact on your child, but if you are concerned you must take action. You could:

  • Speak to other parents
  • Speak to the leader in charge
  • If you are not confident that they are the appropriate person, speak to someone in a higher position of authority
  • If you have a service issue with the activity provider or another concern which is not related to child protection, please direct your complaint to the activity provider
  • If you have a serious concern about a child at risk of abuse, please contact social services, the police or the NSPCC Child Protection Helpline.

Wirral Council Central Advice and Duty Team:
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Minicom: (0151) 666 5259
Fax: (0151) 606 2022
In the case of out of hours service contact Emergency Duty Team (EDT) on (0151) 677 6557.

Merseyside Police
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24 Hour Helpline 0808 800 5000

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