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Contraceptive services are free and confidential, including to people under 16, as long as they are mature enough to understand the information and decisions involved. You can get contraception free from:

  • Wirral Sexual Health Clinics (these offer contraceptive and STI testing services)
  • Brook centres
  • most GP surgeries (talk to your GP or practice nurse)

Contraceptive methods prevent you getting pregnant, but they don't protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condoms help to protect against STIs and pregnancy, so whatever other method of contraception you're using to prevent pregnancy, use condoms as well to protect you and your partner's health.

There are lots of methods of contraception to choose from, so don't be put off if the first thing you use isn't quite right for you; you can try another. You can find out more about each of the different methods of contraception by visiting the NHS Choices website.

Free condoms

You can get free condoms from Brook centres and NHS sexual health clinics, even if you're under 16.

You can also buy condoms from pharmacies and supermarkets. Remember, only use condoms with the CE mark. This means that they've been tested to high European safety standards. Condoms without the CE mark aren't safe, so don't use them.

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