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Chlamydia screening programme

In Wirral, one in eight young people tested are found to have Chlamydia, the most common STI in the UK.

Chlamydia can lead to serious long-term health issues such as fertility problems. One of NHS Wirral's priorities is to increase access to Chlamydia screening.

Free confidential urine/swab testing is available at over 150 venues in Wirral, including some pharmacies and schools, and free postal testing kits are also available online from Eazeescreen to men and women aged 24 and under.

All those who have been screened are notified of their results in a way that suits them, including by text message. If the test is positive, treatment and management of the condition is offered to them and their partner(s).

The team also offers services to schools and colleges.

Ring (0151) 653 4416 or log on to for more details on Chlamydia screening in Wirral.

Chlamydia testing's easier than you think

Jess is 16 and had never discussed condom use with her boyfriend, Ryan. Jess and Ryan have both had one previous sexual partner.

As Jess is under 24 years, she was offered a routine Chlamydia test when she went to her local contraception clinic to pick up her contraceptive pill.

The nurse explained that all she needed was a urine sample; the test was simple, free, painless and confidential.

Jess decided to take the test. A week later, she was informed that she had tested positive for Chlamydia and was invited to one of Wirral's sexual health clinics for a follow-up appointment. The nurse suggested that Jess bring along Ryan, as it was likely he too would have Chlamydia.

The health adviser, who Jess and Ryan saw separately, was able to answer all their questions and reassure them. Ryan was also asked to provide a urine sample for testing. They were both given antibiotic tablets to take at the clinic, and advised not to have sex for a week. They were also given information packs about contraception and other sexually transmitted infections. The couple were also given free condoms.

Five days later Ryan was informed he too had tested positive for Chlamydia.

Either Jess or Ryan could have brought Chlamydia into their relationship without knowing they had it. The infection would have been passed to them from their previous sexual partners.

If it hadn't been treated, the Chlamydia could have gone on to cause health and fertility problems. By having the simple urine test, it was detected and easily treated.

Visit the STIs page for more information and with a quick scan on your smartphone, you can download the Sexual Health Team's free app to locate your nearest Contraception & Sexual Health CaSH clinic or visit their Facebook page.

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