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Sex myths busted

There are so many stories around sex, it's hard to know what to believe. Being informed about the facts is the best way to make sure that you have safer sex.

FACT: You CAN get pregnant the first time that you have sex.

You may have heard that a girl can't get pregnant the first time that she has sex. The truth is, if a boy and a girl have sex and don't use contraception, she can get pregnant, whether it's her first time or she has had sex lots of times.

A boy can get a girl pregnant the first time he has sex. If you're female and have sex, you can get pregnant as soon as you start ovulating (releasing eggs). This happens before you have your first period.

Using contraception protects against pregnancy. Using condoms also protects against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Before you have sex, talk to your partner about contraception, and make sure you've got some contraception.

Check out more sex myths busted on the NHS Choices website.

Help is available if you need it.

If you want to talk to someone in confidence, you can call the Sexual Health Helpline on 0800 567 123.

Alternatively, advice and support is available through the Brook helpline on 0808 802 1234.

Visit the Sexual Health section of this website to find details of sexual health services available on the Wirral.

Source: NHS Choices website

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