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CRed Wirral

Wirral Council is running an initiative to help people reduce the amount of carbon they produce.

The CRed Wirral website provides lots of helpful advice and tips to help you cut your carbon emissions. There's something for everyone, from taking shorter showers, and turning your thermostat down, to switching off your Xbox and unplugging your phone charger when it's not in use. There are lots of ways to get involved and start saving.

As well as being better for the environment and helping cut pollution, a lot of the actions which reduce carbon can also help you and your family save money. By making a home more energy efficient, a household could save over £300 a year on their energy bills.

The CRed Wirral website can help you to start saving energy, and provide additional advice for people who have already started to make a change. You can make carbon reduction pledges and view the carbon savings you're making, as well as the combined savings from others who are also using CRed Wirral to help reduce carbon.

If you want to save some energy as well as some money, then visit CRed Wirral and you can play your part in creating a cleaner, healthier, low carbon Wirral.

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